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'Knowledge is Power'


We understand how important it is for you to feel safe, confident and skilled when supporting children with their OT. Training sessions focus on practical strategies which you can use in your classroom or home right away. Training can be offered on a one to one or group basis, online or in a venue of your choosing. I am very experienced in the area of training for adults and can adjust the content to your specific training requirements. 

Sensory Processing 101: a full introduction to the basics of sensory processing, modulation, accommodations and practical tips for the classroom.

Chair Yoga for the Classroom: Introducing Yoga for the classroom is a very popular course and leaves you with all the knowledge you need to support children’s sensory needs in the classroom.

Developing fine motor skills: This course provides you with the foundations of how to support students with developing functional fine motor and handwriting skills.

Working with Students with Developmental Coordination Disorder: DCD affects approximately 1 in every 30 children. This course equips you with sound strategies to support each child’s learning.

Coming soon: A range of courses will be made available online soon.

Bespoke training: If you have a particular training request, let me know and I can arrange bespoke training for you.

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