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Occupational Therapy is an Allied Health Profession which supports you in being able to do the activities in your life which you need or want to be able to do. Here at TheraMe, we specialise in working with children to achieve participation and enjoyment in activities in school and home.


There can be a lot of reasons why children might have difficulty in developing skills, and we provide extensive assessment and intervention programs to support children in achieving maximum participation, through play, fun and empowerment. We hold families at the centre of our service and support you every step of the way.

We also accept referrals for adults with Intellectual Disability, to support independence in adult life.

Redefining Potential

Natalie Halloran TheraMe

County Galway, Ireland.


Tel: 087 7708377

Child Playing

Occupational Therapy is provided for children with a range of needs. Services at Natalie Halloran TheraMe include:

  • Assessments for Children

  • Assessments for Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)/Dyspraxia 

  • Sensory Processing 

  • Interventions (including Therapy Programs and One to one Therapy Sessions)

Teacher with Students

Occupational Therapy enables you to achieve maximum participation and independence in your life.

Services are offered to:

  • College Students 

  • Adults with Intellectual Disability 


'Knowledge is Power'


We understand how important it is for you to feel safe, confident and skilled when supporting children with their OT. Training sessions focus on practical strategies which you can use in your classroom or home right away. Training can be offered on a one to one or group basis, online or in a venue of your choosing. I am very experienced in the area of training for adults and can adjust the content to your specific training requirements.

Online Class

Online consultations are a very valuable way to connect with the service. Parental consultations and aspects of evaluations, and even treatment sessions can be organised through virtual therapy. Research into the use of virtual therapy indicates that it is effective, and although it is a new concept for OT Services, it is definitely here to stay! Special Yoga and a range of training options are also available online.


Special Yoga is a therapy based on the principles of Yoga, which is specially designed for children and adults of all abilities. We work with movement, breath, touch, and sound. It is a trauma informed therapy which helps to calm the nervous system and improves the working of the bodies systems. It works with the person’s body to connect, regulate, and soothe, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Sessions last for 45 minutes and are run on a one to one or group basis.

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