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Yoga at Home

Natalie Halloran BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy AOTI CORU


'Natalie, we are beyond grateful to have had your services highly recommended to us by a fellow parent. You observed and assessed our 3 year old daughter at a time where we couldn’t decide if the glorious quirks and differences we were noticing in our little girls development were a phase; if we were being OTT parents or if there was actually something going on for her that we needed to explore further. Your kind, warm, engaging and extremely discreet manner in observing her across contexts and subsequently assessing her were above and beyond what wee could have asked for. You seemed to understand her profile, presentation and personality quickly and you made every part of the assessment that she found extremely difficult almost feel like her attempt was the actual goal of the task which is quite a skill. The manner in which you supported her and us as parents will always be something we remain grateful for. Your report and and all of your suggestions were practical and achievable for us to work on together as a family. Your assessment and report was one picked up frequently to be referred back to. We would never hesitate to recommend you to any family.'

Caitríona and Conor Crehan, Galway.

'A lot of people thought I was lazy, I couldn’t keep up with my friends, and I felt stupid. I couldn’t tie my shoe laces, play in sports that well, and my handwriting was not good. Natalie helped me to understand I have DCD, and how my brain and body work differently. Now I do my OT, I don’t feel bad anymore and I know I can do things, I just do them differently.'

~ James, Age 10, Galway.

'We want to thank you so much for your work with us, you made the assessment seem fun and explained things very clearly. The report was very thorough and all the recommendation you have made have had such a difference to Saoirse in School. She adores her Yoga sessions with you!!!'

Anne, mother to Saoirse, Age 9.

'Thank you for the sensory training with us, we couldn't recommend it enough. It was very practical and we learned so much. As an SNA, this is an essential training, and it has really benefitted the students.'

Ann, SNA Co, Roscommon.

'We are so relieved we found Natalie. Our daughter had huge difficulties with tolerating the sensation of her school uniform, wouldn’t touch paints or textures, or let us wash her hair. Everyday was such a struggle, even to brush her teeth. Her meltdowns were daily and we were really struggling. Natalie was able to explain exactly what was going on with our daughter. We had an easy to follow program, and within 2 months, Eva was way happier, and it changed our world. She can now have a haircut, and is even trying new foods. We can’t recommend Natalie enough.'

~ Linda, mother of Eva, Age 4, Galway.

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